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N4184R Upgrades
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Flying Trips


These are my trip reports or photo albums.  The written trip reports are usually sent as an email to one or two of the flying-related mailing lists on which I participate.

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Destination or Route
2003-3-22 March Reserve Air Force Base Static Aircraft Display
2003-03-21 Two GREAT flights to SQL and back
2003-03-13 Ken Walker - 1st Solo, Single-Engine, Trans-Pacific Crossing from the US to AU
2003-01-08 Nice flight to AVX (Catalina Island)
2003-01-04 Legoland trip
2003-01-03 Nice flight today and one tomorrow!
2002-12-12 Maui Fly-about
2002-11-29 Long night IFR flight from SBA to SDL
2002-09-20 Lots of Flying last weekend
2002-09-18 Night IFR flight to Hawthorne from SBA and back
2002-07-23 IFR & VFR trip from SBA to OSH, via SDL, T29, T89, WWR, BFK, and IKV
2002-07-08 First solo IFR flight from SZP to MYF
2002-07-06 New IFR pilot!
2002-02-08 RHV to SBA to SZP, Best Forward Speed, and Paint job beginning
2002-01-07 Trip to MYF (Montgomery Field) San Diego and back
2001-12-28 Sedona Piperites Fly In
2001-12-25 Nice flight from SBA to SDL
2001-11-23 Nice flight from SBA to Montgomery Field (MYF), San Diego and back
2001-11-17 Nice flight to Santa Paula Friday
2001-10-13 Six landings at six airports in 19.7 hrs
2001-09-29 Delayed Trip to Avalon (Catalina Island, CA)
2001-07-31 Flight back from OSH
2001-07-23 Flying to Oshkosh
2001-07-20 Flying around Oklahoma
2001-07-16 Trip from Scottsdale, AZ to Woodward, OK
2001-07-13 Flight to Scottsdale today
2001-06-25 Electrical power loss
2001-06-11 Nice flight to John Wayne airport Saturday
2001-06-04 Watsonville Airshow Fly-in weekend trip
2001-05-24 Flying with a new dashboard
2001-05-12 .3 hrs in a King Air F90
2001-05-08 Flight to San Carlos (SQL) in a P28A
2001-03-19 Australian Adventures

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