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On Dec 28, at 9am, 3 Cherokees and 8 Piperites flew into and met at Sedona, Arizona (SEZ) for breakfast and chatting.

Garrett was first to arrive in his Cruiser, then Darcia and Alan Stebbens arrived with our two boys, Nick & Daniel, in our Cherokee 6-300. Riding with us, from Mesa's Falcon Field (FFZ), were Doug Waer and his 4-year old daughter, Shawna. Rick Potts arrived just before 10am, due to previous commitments, but flew up anyway to meet with us. We missed chatting with him over breakfast, but were honored by his dedication to fly an hour just to meet with us, and the other folks from the Piper list.

Rick's and Garrett's planes are well-cared for, nice-looking birds; ours is good-looking on the inside, with its new interior and instrument panel. We're looking forward to the painting in February.

We had a nice chat over a good breakfast with Doug and Garrett, and then, as we were just finishing breakfast, Rick showed up, and we were able to talk with him a bit. All are personable people with interesting backgrounds. Garrett is well on his way to acquiring an A&P, in addition to his CFI & Commercial ratings. Besides his obvious interest in flying Piper's, Doug's "claim to fame" is that he wrote some (all?) of the "heads up" display software for the Apache (Longbow) attack helicopters. Rick is an "in-house" counsel (as opposed to the "out-house" kind) for Traveler's Insurance. He had a very interesting story about how he acquired his plane. Alan is a software engineer for Openwave Systems, and Darcia is a CPA.

The weather was high to broken overcast, with unrestricted visibility. The sun emerged at about 10:30am, causing Sedona to switch quickly, as most desert towns do, from cold to hot.

The flights there and back to Phoenix area (FFZ/SDL, CHD, and DVT) were smooth and enjoyable.

Alan w/Daniel, Doug w/Shawna, Rick and Garrett in front of Rick's plane Darcia w/Daniel, Doug w/Shawna, & Rick in front of Rick's plane. In the background, is Alan's plane. Rick, Doug w/Shawna, Garrett, and Darcia w/Daniel next to Garrett's plane Garrett, Doug, Alan w/Nick, and Rick in front of Alan's Cherokee 6-300.

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