Microlights in Strethalbyn

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Microlights in Strethalbyn
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In the spring of 1999, I traveled to Adelaide, Australia, for an IETF conference.  I allowed an extra day before and after the week-long conference in order to do something interesting.  At the end of the week, my friend Doug and I rented a car and drove to a little place called Strethalbyn.  The reason?  To fly microlights!

What are microlights?  Unlike ultralights, which are actually airplanes with control surfaces, microlights are really powered hang gliders.  The place we were at, called "Adelaide Airsports", had about a dozen microlights that were powered by 95 hp Rotax motors.

The pictures below are thumbnails of my adventure with microlights in Strethalbyn.  Click on any thumbnail to see the larger picture.

Below the thumbnails, which are sequenced left-to-right and top-to-bottom, there is a 360 panorama of the microlight hangar.  Just click the mouse within the panorama, drag left or right to pan (rotate) the picture.

Alan & Toyota Echo.jpg (146383 bytes) FrontDesk.jpg (115573 bytes) Hangar view left w-Doug.jpg (138108 bytes) Hangar view back left.jpg (121092 bytes)
Hangar view back right.jpg (115697 bytes) Hangar view right.jpg (114035 bytes) Microlight runway.jpg (91381 bytes) Doug Preparing to Fly a Microlight.jpg (183355 bytes)
Doug Strapped in the Microlight.jpg (201493 bytes) Doug & CFI Taxing.jpg (153393 bytes) Taking Off.jpg (84551 bytes) Microlight Cockpit View.jpg (167220 bytes)
Flying the microlight.jpg (131001 bytes) Hangar from 1000 ft.jpg (179916 bytes) Tobago T&Gs.jpg (117776 bytes)

Microlight Hangar 360 Panorama
Strethalbyn, Australia

If the image above is not visible, you will need to download the IVR plug-in.

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