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In December 2002, during a  3GPP2 meeting at the Renaissance Wailea in Maui, Hawaii, I had a morning free.  Since it was my first time in Maui, and wanting to get the "big picture" of the island and surrounding islands, I figured a flying trip would do nicely (as well as give me an excuse to go flying).  So another delegate, Larry, and I drove to the Maui Kahului Airport  and rented a Cessna 172 from Maui Aviators.

I could have taken a "check out" ride (which consists of about 30 minutes of briefing on local flying practices, and about 30 minutes of flying time), and then rented and flown the plane with just the two of us.  The problem is that neither of us would have known much about what we were looking at -- no history, no facts, nada.

So, we instead took a "familiarization flight", where the CFI rides along with the pilot and passenger, and also acts a the "color commentary", a virtual tour guide of our flight.  Besides telling us what we were looking at, he also reduced the workload of flying in a new, unfamiliar area by working the radios according to the local custom.

Our CFI was Mike, a mid-20s clean-cut guy.  He looked like he might have been in the military so I asked him if he was stationed in Hawaii.  He explained that he had been "RIF"ed from Continental Airlines as a result of the 9/11 tragedy, and was building time while waiting for another opportunity flying "big iron".  I guess if you have to spend time waiting around for an airline job, you could do much worse than hang around in Maui, Hawaii.

While Mike finished up with his previous customer, a student preparing for his check ride, Larry and I went to pre-flight the Cessna 172, N7813G: a bright yellow plane in pretty good shape, with a fairly new engine.  As soon as Mike and the plane were ready, we hopped in and powered up.

There is no ground control at Kahului Airport, so we just taxied over to the self-serve fuel station to fill up.  After refueling, we powered up, Mike spoke to the tower, and we were cleared to taxi and hold at runway 2, while a Alaskan 737 began rolling for its departure.

In a few minutes, we were cleared for 1000 feet altitude, 2 miles offshore, with a departure to the northwest. As we flew, Mike had to switch frequencies at least once for each island -- each island has its own advisory frequency, in addition to the Kahului Approach Control and Tower frequencies -- this is one of the benefits of having someone familiar with the local procedures.

The pictures below are a record of our flight.  You can click on a thumbnail to view a larger picture.

01_Maui-departure-ne.jpg (31776 bytes)

02_Maui-ne-coastline.jpg (79558 bytes) 03_Maui-n-cliffs.jpg (44534 bytes) 04_Maui-n-valley.jpg (76886 bytes)

Departure view
at 1000 ft.

Rugged cliffs N-E shoreline
of Maui

Little valley

05_Maui-nw-coast.jpg (48659 bytes) 06_Maui-pineapple-plantation.jpg (84859 bytes) 07_Maui-plantation-valley.jpg (36611 bytes) 08_Maui-to-Molokai-pan.jpg (20620 bytes)
N-W Coast
of Maui
Pineapple plantation
and valley
Maui to

10_Molokai-falls.jpg (30634 bytes) 11_Molokai-valley.jpg (38596 bytes) 12_Molokai-cliffs.jpg (33097 bytes) 13_Molokai-high-falls.jpg (33319 bytes) 14_Molokai-high-falls.jpg (42262 bytes)
Molokai falls Molokai valley Molokai cliffs Molokai high falls

15_Molokai-jurassic-valley.jpg (41776 bytes) 16_Molokai-jurassic-valley.jpg (44051 bytes) 18_Molokai-jurassic-valley-exit.jpg (30142 bytes) 17_Molokai-rugged-hills.jpg (44765 bytes)
Molokai "Jurassic Park" valley
(the valley actually wraps around the hills
pictured to the right)
rugged hills

19_Molokai-high-cliffs.jpg (34524 bytes) 20_Molokai-n-harbor.jpg (41497 bytes) 21_Molokai-n-coastline.jpg (44841 bytes)
high cliffs
Molokai north
Molokai north

22_Molokai-hole-to-hell.jpg (78756 bytes) 23_Molokai-hole-to-hell.jpg (76088 bytes) 24_Molokai-leper-colony.jpg (53935 bytes) 25_Molokai-n-shore.jpg (41925 bytes)
Molokai hole
to hell
Molokai leper
Molokai north

26_Molokai-upcountry.jpg (36770 bytes) 27_Molokai-s-shore.jpg (46977 bytes) 28_Lanai-shoreline.jpg (34889 bytes) 29_Lanai-shoreline.jpg (35676 bytes)
south shore

30_Lanai-oil-tanker-shipwreck.jpg (54761 bytes) 31_Lanai-naval-shipwreck.jpg (43952 bytes) 32_Lanai-shipwreck.jpg (56785 bytes) 33_Lanai-shipwreck.jpg (50598 bytes)
Lanai oil-tanker
Lanai naval

34_Lanai-to-Maui.jpg (29074 bytes) 36_blue-water-shadow.jpg (56463 bytes) 35_Maui-Kihei-shoreline.jpg (34421 bytes) 37_Maui-Kihei-s-coast.jpg (48473 bytes)
Lanai to Maui Blue water
Maui Makena
south coast shoreline

39_Maui-s-harbor-coast.jpg (74065 bytes) 40_Mau-hills.jpg (64057 bytes) 41_Molokini.jpg (34959 bytes) 42_Molokini.jpg (46029 bytes) 43_Molokini-close.jpg (60353 bytes)
south hills

44_Maui-little-volcano.jpg (40079 bytes) 45_Maui-lava-flow.jpg (53708 bytes) 46_Maui-lava-flow-n.jpg (39853 bytes) 47_Maui-Wailea-resorts.jpg (53262 bytes)
little volcano
Maui lava flow
(Maui's last flow - in 1790)
Wailea resorts

48_Maui-$5M-condos.jpg (83619 bytes) 49_Maui-n-Wailea-resorts.jpg (72433 bytes) 50_Maui-ne-mtn-view.jpg (28208 bytes) 51_Maui-plain-view.jpg (42453 bytes)
$5M condos
Maui north
Wailea resorts
Puu Kukui
5788 ft.
400" rain/yr
Maui Kihei

52_Maui-final-approach.jpg (43586 bytes) 53_Maui-flare.jpg (44138 bytes) 54_Maui-touchdown.jpg (45635 bytes)
Final approach Flare for landing Touchdown!

55_N7813G-happy-flyers.jpg (74796 bytes) 56_Maui-Aviators.jpg (73355 bytes)
Happy flyers:
Larry & Alan
Maui Aviators:
John & Mike

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