N4184R Before Upgrade

Adelaide, AU (C172)
Microlights in Strethalbyn
Pipers in Sedona
Oshkosh 2002
Maui Fly-about
Sedona Jan 2003
March RAFB - Mar 2003
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The following pictures were taken of N4184R before the upgrade of its avionics panel.  Click on the thumbnails to see a larger picture.

n4184r_lpanel.jpg (59743 bytes)    n4184r_lmidpanel.jpg (62604 bytes)    n4184r_rpanel2.jpg (55845 bytes)

In the pictures above, you'll notice that most of the avionics are really old.  The black panel is the missing display to a WX10.    The King KI-525A HSI is a nice instrument, but I had something better in mind.

ip_midpanel.jpg (67710 bytes)The Narco MK12Ds are both old, and one of the LEDs flickers.  The KLN89B GPS is okay, but the display technology is ancient -- my handheld Lowrance AirMap 300 is way better.

ip_lowerleft.jpg (58883 bytes)ip_lowerleftclose.jpg (56866 bytes)The DG has no heading bug, and the Piper AutoControl III system was marked "inop" from the beginning.


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