N4184R Upgrades

N4184R Upgrades
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Microlights in Strethalbyn
Pipers in Sedona
Oshkosh 2002
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Sedona Jan 2003
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Airplane maintenance is an "adventure" all by itself. Since buying N4184R, it has had some serious upgrades, including:

bulleta brand-new interior, with flame-retardent, washable, imitation leather.  I'm very satisfied with the quality of the interior work, which was done by Buchanan Aviation, Concord, CA.  However, Mike Oakes, the owner, also promised me a "field upgrade" or STC "club seating" conversion as part of the negotiated deal, and then failed to deliver it.

a first "annual" (the first as an owned plane after ten years or so of being a rental), which included:


repair work on hidden damage to one of the landing gears

bulleta remote oil-cooler was installed
bulletfuel-pump was overhauled
bulletnew vacuum pump
bulletnew electronic engine monitor (Insight EGT)
bulletsome new skins to replace heavily patched ones
bulletnew fuel drain cover
bulletnew Gil battery and ELT battery
bulletnew Piper "ram-horn" yokes to replace the cracked "bowtie" yokes
bulletnew Hartzell 3-blade CS propeller (replacing a 2-blade propeller)


bulleta brand-new custom-designed avionics panel, which includes:
bulletGarmin GNS 530
bulletGarmin GNS 430
bulletSandel 3308 Electronic HSI/RMI
bulletGarmin GI-106A VOR Indicator
bullet2.5" Electric Backup Attitude Indicator
bulletAerosonic 20K Altimeter
bulletPAI-700 Vertical Card Compass
bulletS-Tec/Meggit System-55X Autopilot with GPSS
bulletBFG WX-500 Stormscope
bulletRyan 9900B TCAD (Traffic Collision Avoidance Device)
bulletPS Engineering PS-7000MS Stereo Audio Panel & Intercom
bulletFlightcom DVI 300 - electronic clock & cockpit recorder
bulletAM/FM/CD Player
bulletAvion Research Instrument Panel, custom cut & painted
bulletcompletely new wiring harness throughout the plane

The avionics panel was designed and installed by ASB Avionics; I'm happy with the quality of their work, though they managed to stretch the time out a bit with "emergency" work on other planes.

Here are some "before", "during", and "after" pictures of the avionics upgrade.

bulletA custom-designed paint job. From Feb to May, 2002, the plane was stripped, repaired, restored, and custom-painted.  The complete story of N4184R's paint job is on another page.

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