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Adelaide, AU (C172)
Microlights in Strethalbyn
Pipers in Sedona
Oshkosh 2002
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Sedona Jan 2003
March RAFB - Mar 2003
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The first annual is usually a dreaded and costly experience for owners of newly acquired airplanes, especially if the airplane had formerly been a "renter".  N4184R had a number of small "squawks" to be fixed.

N4184R_in_annual_at_Stratman's.jpg (63248 bytes)Here is a picture of N4184R  in the shop with the cowl off.  The fiberglass cowl needed some repairs: a new horizontal stiffener was laid in, replacing the old one, which had apparently broken due to excessive bending and vibrating. 

Also, the front mounting pins were reseated, as their fiberglass mounts had weakened over time.

The baggage door also needed to be repaired -- its diagonal stiffeners were broken.  My guess is that someone pushed the baggage door open too far and broke them.

Annual_teardown_exterior.jpg (51628 bytes)This next picture gives a good view of the new interior, with the seats and floorboard out for inspection.  No squawks to fix in this area.  It was very clean.  (Well, the old Piper Auto-Control III aileron and trim controls needed replacing, but that's another story -- in the avionics upgrade).

Annual_teardown_interior.jpg (58371 bytes)Here's an aft-facing shot, showing the controls beneath the floorboard.


New_remote_oil_cooler.jpg (57492 bytes)I also had a remote oil-drain installed, to reduce the time and effort involved in oil changes.

Notice the extra "buttress" bar to the right of the oil cooler?  That was an innovation by my A&P mechanic, so that the relatively thin firewall wouldn't get vibrated apart by the mounting of the oil-cooler.


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