Our Family
Family is everything.  The members of our family are not just blood relatives or those with whom we have exchanged vows.  Family is really about certain kinds of relationships – those with whom we have built strong bonds of friendship, affection, and love.
    Each of us is a thread in the tapestry of life being woven for each of our family, as they are in turn a thread (or more) in our own life’s weavings.  The threads of our tapestries can be weak, tenuous and few, or strong, thick, and many as we co-mingle our lives in many ways.  In our mind’s eyes, Judy and I can see the strong, beautiful, interweaving threads of our lives, as we have already shared so much, including our children, our brothers and their families, and all of our other relations.
    As we celebrate our day of harmony, we also celebrate with you all of our extended family.  The pictures below are random samplings of our family members.
Kim & Kim Stebbens, with parents, & Judy
Judy holding Cole Stebbens
Doug cutting the turkey with Judy & John kibbitzing
Len, Ange & baby Emma
Mark giving Grandpa John a shoulder rub
Judy & Dad (John)
Judy’s niece, Shannon & husband Dave
Judy & Alan in Palm Springs
Kristen & Colleen Stebbens
Daniel and Judy
Nick and Colleen
Kristen, Colleen, & their mom, Eileen Sheridan
Kit & her dad, Doug
Brother Doug & Sister Judy (sounds like a band!)
Kit & Aunt Judy
Beautiful Judy
Mark & the “Brown Princess”
Colleen, Nick, Kristen & Daniel Stebbens
Best Friends: Michelle & Judy
Three goofs: Daniel, Harmony, & Nick
Alan & Judy at Yosemite Upper Falls
Judy & Alan in Sedona
Tyler & Lacey Weitz
The Stebbens-Nahan Clan in Cancun, MX
Alan & Judy
Cancun, MX
Kristen & Josh
Grandpa John, Mark, & Crystal
Rod, Ange, & Aunt Judy
Beach Girls: Judy & Lisa
Uncle Roy & Aunt Margie
Stebbens-Nahan Clan
Cancun, MX
The Stebbens Girls
Stebbens-Nahan Clan & Friends - Kauai, HI
The Stebbens’ Kids
Sisters Kristen & Colleen at college
Stunning Colleen at high-school prom
Friends Judy & Tina Cibelli
Josh, Erica, Crystal, Mark
Judy, her sons & their dates
Crystal, Mark, & Judy
Alan & Judy in SF
Kit & Cindy
Cindy & Doug Gray
Stebbens, Nahan, Gray
Judy and son Mark
Nick with award-winning poster
Cousins Kit & Josh